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Gary Goodwin has been a frequent instructor at the Washington, D.C. Jung Society over the last nine years and at other area venues including Pathways Magazine "Salon Series" in Bethesda, Maryland and the Washington, D.C. Theosophical Society lodge.

Since 1989 he has taught on a variety of topics including: alchemy, Gnosticism, the writings of Carlos Castaneda, the Arthurian legends, and the collected works of C.G. Jung, active imagination, and the mystical experience. See list of classes and lectures.

I have lead or been a part of dream groups for many years. My most demanding current project is the writing of a book that will cover the history of dream research and study in the U.S.

If you are interested in bringing a lecture or workshop on mysticism, active imagination, dream study, or body/soul/spirit awareness to your area, please contact me at: information@bodysoulandspirit.net





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