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etting Started
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The best way to sharpen your awareness of Body, Soul, and Spirit is to use a combination of self-study and study group. This work will achieve/include:

  • clear definitions of Body, Soul, and Spirit
  • readings from poetry, autobiography and literature highlighting each force
  • justification of why it is important to know these forces
  • how students have dealt with these influences before
  • how to "hear" each force as it speaks to us in our everyday lives
  • examples from case studies
  • brief viewings of relevant movies
  • up to the minute suggestions of what books, magazine articles, movies, performances, museum exhibits, and other events are about to happen or are currently underway
  • selected readings from the works of psychologists such as Carl Jung, James Hillman, Thomas Moore, Oliver Sacks, Robert Moore, etc.
  • teachings from many religious traditions
  • instruction in how the imagination is the primary source of communication with Body, Soul, and Spirit (see Jungian Active Imagination)
  • teaching stories that show the necessary inner movements along this path

A study group allows this instruction to be clarified through mutual sharing. A good study group will keep everyone energized and keep the learning process fresh and moving forward.

On Your Own

A great deal of progress can be achieved on one's own with dedication and experimentation. Here's how:

Get to know the Why Body, Soul, and Spirit section of this site well (includes definitions of Body, Soul, and Spirit) well. Make a list of experiences, relevant readings, examples of life experiences of friends and family, related movies, observations and anything else that comes to mind that matches these definitions.

Using your emotions, try to get a grasp on a general feeling for each force. What does Soul feel like? What does Spirit feel like? What is Body? To does this well, you will probably need to immerse yourself in that which reminds you of one of the forces. For instance, you might need to see several related movies over a short time period like a weekend. Between movies contemplate what you have seen and try to get at the "essence" or most basic feeling/understanding of what you saw and felt. Try to pull other examples of that force into your contemplations (i.e. experiences of friends or families). Bring in several readings or other materials. Since this site can not can everything that will be useful to you (see the Related Links and Bookstore for handpicked and sorted materials.

Later on, once you are sure that you can call up the feeling of Body, Soul, and Spirit, use your imagination to extend this feeling. Can you find a inner figure to represent each of these forces? Is there some imaginal figure that could represent Soul? Or Body? Take your time to find this inner figure. If this process is unfamiliar to you or you believe that it is too esoteric, see the Jungian Active Imagination portion of this site (under construction). This technique is crucial for deep and continual progress with nearly all inner traditions which seek wisdom through inner visions (i.e. Native American traditions, shamanism, Jungian psychology).

Work, and work, and work with the above activities and remain alert. Look for Body, Soul, and Spirit everywhere. The more you see the stronger is your understanding. The stronger your understanding, the more you will see.








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