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Fortunately many materials such as books, recordings, and other Websites have been created to provide us with direction and insights on the inner experience. Here are the hand-picked recommendations that should assist most people in this work.

Some work may be required to find these materials. Some books are shockingly out of print and small publishers may have delays in completing your order, but please persist. These materials are worth the extra trouble.




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At this time, none can be recommended. Most sites do not cover Active Imagination at the level of detail helpful for practice.

Newsletters & Magazines

Books & Other Media

In Print Titles - See the Bookstore

Johnson, Robert A. Active Imagination - Tapes. A good supplement to his book, Inner Work.

Out of Print Materials

These materials need to ordered directly from the addresses below. Out of print books can frequently be found at

    • Epstein, Gerald. Waking Dream Therapy: Dream Process As Imagination, (NY: Human Sciences Press, 1981). Out-of-print. An excellent book worth tracking down at the library or used book market

      Hannah, Barbara. Encounters With The Soul: Active Imagination As Developed By C.G. Jung, (Boston: Sigo Press, 1981). Shockingly out of print. Advanced - This was the first book on Jung's technique. Contains a survey from several sources across history of Active Imagination. The first two chapters are the most important to beginners.

      McLean, Adam. The Alchemical Mandala, (Grand Rapids, MI: Phanes Press, 1989). Shockingly out of print. Contains numerous images from the alchemical times that can be used to spur one's work with Active Imagination. McLean includes a good introduction with working with archetypal images in his introduction.

      Merkur, Dan. Gnosis: An Esoteric Tradition of Mystical Visions and Unions, (Albany,NY:State University of New York Press, 1993). Shockingly out of print. Places the importance of Active Imagination squarely in the center of spiritual development of traditions around the world. Shockingly out-of-print.
Other Special Materials
Jung's major writings are listed here complete with volume and paragraph number of his collected works.

Archetypes of the Collective Unconscious (Volume 9(I))
paragraphs: 525-626

Alchemical Studies (Volume 13)
paragraphs: 17 - 45

Mysterium Coniunctionis
(Volume 14)
paragraphs: 705-711; 749-756

Practice of Psychotherapy
(Volume 16)
paragraphs: 101-108 (about dreams but relevant to active imagination)

Symbolic Life
(Volume 18) Also in Analytical Psychology:Its Theory & Practice
paragraphs 390-400; paragraphs: 1252-1255

Structure Of The Psyche
(Volume 8)
Transcendent Function paper ; 400-401
Paragraphs: 397-404

Two Essays On Analytical Psychology
(Volume 7)
paragraphs: 121 - 122; 341-373;
Part 2 - Chapter 3

In addition to his Collected Works, Jung also wrote about Active Imagination in the following books:

Analytical Psychology: Notes Of The Seminar Given In 1925

pages 35-36; pages 47-48

Letters of C.G. Jung

page 458-461

Memories, Dreams, Reflections

chapter 6 - pages 170 - 199

Vision Seminars
- The entire work. This book is available in the bookstore.


Related Links

Taste - A registry of mystical experiences reported by scientists.

Exceptional Human Experience - A variety of articles on mystical experience and some examples.

Newsletters & Magazines

Books & Other Media

In Print Titles - See the Bookstore

Out of Print and Special Order Materials

These materials need to ordered directly from the addresses below. Out of print books can frequently be found at


    Zaehner, R.C. Mysticism Sacred and Profane. Out of print. Zaehner argues for his brand of mysticism (theistic) and against other, "inferior" forms (his words) such as pantheism and monism. His work does, however, contain clear writing on how to recognize each type of mystical experience.

    Cohen, J.M. & J-F. Phipps. The Common Experience: Signposts on the Path to Enlightenment. Shockingly out of print. This is a very good collection of experiences or comments on the mystical experience from well known sources (religious writings) and from the Alister Hardy study of mystical experiences (see next listing).

    Hardy, Alister. The Spiritual Nature of Man: A Study of Contemporary Religious Experience. Shockingly out of print. Hardy surveys 3000 people who reported some mystical experience and summarizes this data in terms of triggering events, observations during the experience, and other related matters (some of this work is summarized here.)

    Coxhead, Nona. The Relevance of Bliss: A Contemporary Exploration of Mystic Experience. Shockingly out of print. A good collection of personal experiences and analysis of these experiences.

    Courtouis, Flora. An Experience of Enlightenment. Shockingly out of print. In this small volume, Courtouis takes the path of negation as taken by many other mystics by withdrawing more and more from her everyday life. Suddenly, one day, she breaks through to the other side to see the world in a bright and a powerful way.

    Grof, Stanislav. Realms of the Human Unconscious: Observations from LSD Research. Shockingly out of print. In the 1960s and 1970s Dr. Grof legally adminstered LSD to patients both in this country and abroad. By way of this process, he has been able to map out the experience of those following this path as they travel from sensory changes to personal revelations to mystical experiences.

    Metzner, Ralph. Ayahuasca: Hallucinogens, Consciousness, and the Spirit of Nature. Shockingly out of print. Very interesting first person accounts of the action of a South America herbal blend.

    Hoffman, Edward. Visions of Innocence: Spiritual and Inspirational Experiences of Childhood. Shockingly out of print. Exactly as the title states.

    Johnson, Raynor C. Watcher On The Hills: A Study of Some Mystical Experiences of Ordinary People. Shockingly out of print. A good collection of first hand accounts of mystical experience.

    Laski, Marghanita. Ecstasy In Secular and Religious Experiences. Shockingly out of print. A very good analysis of first person accounts.

Other Special Materials

University of Kent (Canterbury, England) - Has a M.A. program in Mysticism and Religious Experience (On campus or independent research)




Related Links


The Spirit of Gardening - This is a very good site with plenty of thought provoking quotes and many links related to enhancing body awareness through greater awareness of nature.

The Nature Web - An outstanding site with many links to the classic nature writers (Thoreau, Muir). Dips into this one will take one far.

Heron Dance - This site is only a sample of the content found in the bound newsletter with the same name.

Nature Connect - This site creates five to ten member discussion groups and leads them through regular nature awareness exercises. A very good program if you have the time to work through the steps.

Rhythmn Vision - This site gives a sample of some exercises for viewing the world.

SOUL Guides to Journals - This offers a regularly up-dated source of discussion and links to the powerful process of journaling.

Progoff Intensive Journals - Ira Progoff married the process of journaling with Jung's technique of active imagination to create a system for deep inner exploration.


Taste - A registry of mystical experiences reported by scientists.

Exceptional Human Experience - A variety of articles on mystical experience and some examples.

Newsletters & Magazines

    Heron DanceThis is an outstanding bound newsletter that captures the heart of Body awareness in terms of awareness of nature and one's connection to it. Running about 40 pages per issues, short pieces around a central theme are punctuated with gentle and joyful line drawings of the editor/publisher Rod MacIver. This is also a great selection for Soul work as well. $29 per year. Contact: Heron Dance, 52 Seymour St., Middlebury, VT, 05753.


    Doubletake A wonderful magazine combining a bent towards documentary photography with soulful views of everyday life now and in our memories. The photographs and writing is guarented to slow us down to the speed of clear perception with the heart. Available in print as a glossy quarterly and as excerpts on the Doubletake home page.
    The Sun An outstanding monthly magazine that will through any reader into the Soul. Perhaps the best section are the submissions from readers on a common theme such as "down and out," "the first day," and "visiting relatives." The Sun Website


Books & Other Media

In Print Titles - See the Bookstore

Out of Print and Special Order Materials

These materials need to ordered directly from the addresses below. Out of print books can frequently be found at


    Brooks, Charles V. W. Sensory Awareness: The Rediscovery of Experiencing, (New York: Viking Press, 1974). (Out-of-print but available from the Sensory Awareness Foundation). This is a classic. It provides the philosophy of sensory awareness in a non-philosophical way. Reading carefully this book reveals the various exercises that are taught Sensory Awareness Foundation trained instructors. For more direct instructions of how to achieve heightened sensory awareness, go to the Foundation's website by clicking here.

    Gunther, Bernard. Sense Relaxation: Below Your Mind, (New York: Collier Books, 1968). Shockingly out-of-print. A classic. Covers very practical suggestions for exploring the senses. Has the look and feel of the 1960s.

    Lidell, Lucy. The Sensual Body: The Ultimate Guide to Body Awareness and Self-Fulfilment, (New York: Fireside/Simon & Schuster, 1987). Shockingly out-of-print. A very good introduction to all types of sensory awareness and body awareness exercises.

    Masters, Robert and Jean Houston. Listening to the Body. Out-of-print. A good book by two investigators that have gone deeply into the psyche. Sometimes a bit hard to do without seeing someone else do it first, the exercises cover the basics of body awareness. In addition to exercises that emphasis movement, these authors also include several sets of inner sensing instructions.


    Progoff, Ira. The Practice of Process Meditation: The Intensive Journal Way To Spiritual Experience (NY:Dialogue House, 1980). Through in-depth journaling, this book shows how to collect your Spiritual history, detect barriers to going further, and is led into discovering the Spirit laden images that lie untapped within. (Available from Dialogue House.)

Some of the following movie suggestions cover Body, Soul, and Spirit extremely well (look for **) and others touch this subject in a more general way. For additional details on any of these movies, search on the movie title at the All Movie Guide.


Anima Mundi - This is a short movie (30 minutes) was produced with the support of the World Wildlife Fund. "Face to face encounters with creatures large and small reveal the breadth of this living world," claims the video box. This statement is not an over billing since the scope of coverage is quite exciting. Besides rapid fire images, the music of Philip Glass helps drive the film even faster. A wonderful kalidescopic view of the natural world. Released in 1991.

Baraka - Similar to Anima Mundi, this movie shows animal, forces of nature and the diversity of mankind in a rapid fire presentation. is perfect way to pay homage to the amazing physical world. An alert watching with a touch of devotion thrown in is a perfect way to pay homage to the amazing world in which we live. (Baraka is a Sufi word that translates roughly as "breath of life.") Released in 1993.

Babette's Feast - Based on a story by Isak Dinesen, this movie crisply outlines the hazards of a life lived too far from the body. An isolated village of religious believers is revitalized when a Parisian gourmet cook arrives and, due to surprising circumstances, prepares a great feast. Food over arid belief, wonder through the body saves the spirit of the too spiritual. Winner - Academy Awards 1987 - "Best Foreign Film". Released in 1987-1988.

**Full Body Massage - A gentile erotic drama which centers around a full body massage and the conversation that spills forth. Nina (Mimi Rogers) reminisces about her ex-husband and Fitch (Bryan Brown), the masseur, recollects around the love of his life, a Hopi woman who introduced him to the healing arts. Released 1995.

Mystery of the Senses - This PBS special was first televised in 1995. The five parts are interested summaries of Dianne Ackerman's book A Natural History of the Senses. Ackerman appears in the video series and takes us on the usual world tour that PBS does so well. A good introduction to exploring the senses. (Available through PBS or some libraries.)

Never, Cry Wolf


A Walk In The Clouds - Several plot themes in this colorful movie have the atmosphere of Soul. There is obligation to love, desire to hold fast to that which is authentic, rootedness to the land, and receptiveness of the heart. The night scene when the stars Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sanchex-Gijon help fight the frost endangering the family's vineyard is especially magical. Released in 1995.

Alchemy - Another quiet movie that will not please those requiring highly evocative movements. It does have soulfulness about it and it calls our attention to the need for the poetic, the power of found objects to excite our imagination, and simple observation of life. Released in 1995.

Grace Of The Heart - Illeana Douglas delivers a great performance as Denise Waverly, a ficitional singer and songwriter. Waverly forgoes her role as the daughter of a Philadelphia steel tycoon to follow her soul. Tragedy, family doubt, and mistakes feeds her music to a wonderful, but gentle conclusion at movie's end. Released in 1996.

**Il Postino

Local Hero - The principal character of this movie goes from workaholic out of touch with the physical world and the world of greater Soul attachment to a person ready to enter a more meaningful world. Comedic and charming, the Soul's role may slip pass your first viewing of this film. Watch it again. Released in 1983.

Ruby In Paradise - This is a quiet film. No major action, just the Soul bravely at work. Ashley Judd does an excellent job of sticking to her soul and living a life that is soulful. This movie is especially powerful for those are just becoming connected with their own souls. Released in 1993.

Sabrina - This remake is not the most powerful representation of soul ever made but it does have its points. Paris is the magical city that opens souls and the major female lead, Julia Ormond does an excellent job of not only hanging own to her own soulfulness but pulls workaholic Harrison Ford towards his. Again, perhaps not the greatest film but Ormond brings Lady Soul forward. Released in 1995.

**Smoke Signals - Touted as the first produced, directed, and written Native American movie, Smoke Signals captures one of the key elements of Soul work, an attention to the stories of life when those around us don't want to remember. Two boys find the retelling of the story of one fire and its resulting tragedy, binds them together and frees them to live deeper lives. Released in 1998.

**Strangers In Good Company - Wonderful movie that stays a few steps away from sterotyping women in their 70s and 80s. When a tour bus breaks down in rural Canada, a group of women are stranded with their memories and the ability to be compassionate. The director has increased the power of this movie by including photos of each women as she tells her story that show her at various times in her life. This technique shocks one into realizing that while this is a fictional story it is also non-fiction. Most people watch this film several times. Released in 1991.

**Time Indefinite - An excellent and enjoyable account of a filmaker who takes us along on his life's journey. Introspective, with an examination of loss, but also comedic, Ross McElwee teaches how to observe our own lives from the place of Soul. Released in 1993.

Unbearable Lightness of Being


**Bagdad Cafe - Most of who act upon this recommendation and watch Bagdad Cafe will doubt that this film has anything to do with Spirit. But it is there. Set at a "fleapit" truckstop, a German woman down on her luck, brings something special to this locale. This outsider brings meaning and order everyone when she teaches herself magic. Her magic transforms the cafe's owner and employees, patrons, and even herself. Powerful archetypes energize this charming story. Released in the US in 1988.

Box of Moonlight - John Turturro plays Al Fountain, a rigidly self-controlled electrical engineer who has discovered his first gray hair and has begun seeing things (bicycles running backwards, coffee pouring from the cup into the pot). To Al's shock, he's fired without notice and he goes in search of Splatchee Lake, a vacation spot from his childhood. Although this sounds like a Soul story, it tells more about the Spirit. The Spirit applying pressure to see more, to travel, to change. Released in 1996.

**Little Buddha - Blended with a drama in modern times is the beautiful and powerful retelling of the legend of the Gatuma Buddha. Both stories bring us close to Buddhism (Tibetan) and sparks our spirit and our soulful attraction to the divine and sacred. Chris Isaak and Bridget Fonda stay out of the way and let the richness of this presentation press forward. Keanu Reeves does a very good job portraying the Buddha. Released 1994.





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