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The Spiritual Message of The Matrix

May 16, 2003

Why We Dream
Dreaming experts Allan Hobson and Rosalind Cartwright

Daniel Matt: Kabbalah Expert

March 3, 2004

Matt is a professor of Jewish mysticism at the Center for Jewish Studies, Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, Calif. He taught at the Graduate Theological Union for nearly 20 years. He's translated the new book The Zohar: Pritzker, Vol. 1. His other published works include God and the Big Bang and Varieties of Mystical Nothingness: Jewish, Christian, and Buddhist.
People's taste in books indicates the kind of dreams they have, one of the largest studies into the phenomenon has shown.

Book Taste Linked To Dreams

from the BBC, June 2002

People's taste in books indicates the kind of dreams they have, one of the largest studies into the phenomenon has shown.

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The End of the Wild - Part 2

from the CBC, broadcast on IDEAS, May 29, 2002

Anthropologist Wade Davis has traveled the world from Haiti to Borneo
researching how sacred plants are used in native cultures. In this
two-part series, Wade Davis speaks about how indigenous peoples can teach us lessons about the riches found in both the spirit and material worlds.
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Haunted House, Haunted Mind - Part 3

from the CBC, broadcast on IDEAS, October 30, 1998

Journey along the trail of illusion and hallucination, using new scientific tools to chart the shadows cast by human perception. Pass through a
landscape inhabited by ghostly sounds, enigmatic visions, and things that
go bump in the day.
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Teresa of Avila

from the CBC, broadcast on Tapestry, March 7, 1999

A portrait of the 16th century nun and mystic.

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A Journey into Dreamtime

from the CBC, broadcast on Tapestry, April 25, 1999

This show introduces a Canadian adventurer who spent years with Australian aborigines, learning their mesmerizing music and sacred chants. It's music that helps transport them into their spiritual world, a doorway into another dimension.

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A Pilgrim's Soul

from the CBC, broadcast on Tapestry, May 2, 1999

Hardeep Dahliwal describes herself as an unlikely pilgrim. Though not a Hindu, she was one of ten million souls who journeyed to India in 1998 to the holy city of Haridwar for the last great Hindu pilgrimage of this century: the Kumbh Mela. It's the largest gathering of people in the world, so big that it can be spotted from a satellite. Hardeep Dahliwal returned home to Canada with a documentary account of her trip
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Mothers of the Spirit

from the CBC, broadcast on Tapestry, May 9, 1999

Canadian author Lucinda Vardey on the tough and practical spirituality of women, and the difference their energy makes in our lives. Vardey has spent years reflecting on the power of prayer, and the sustaining influence this discipline has on the spiritual life. Through her experience of yoga, meditation and sacred ritual, Vardey has developed her own personal practice of prayer. She has also studied the prayer lives of other women, those who are already recognized as saints, as well the less celebrated.
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To Be A Pilgrim

from the CBC, broadcast on Tapestry, August 15, 1999

Writer and traveller Phil Cousineau has been finding ways to make what he calls soulful journeys in the midst of our bustling modern world.
His latest book is called "The Art of Pilgrimage: The Seeker's Guide to Making Travel Sacred."
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Meditation in Monks Mapped

from the BBC

A short interview with the author of Why God Won't Go Away, look at neurological changes that happen in mystical experience.

Russian New Age Spirituality

from All Things Considered, Monday, October 5, 1998

In this time of financial turmoil and political chaos, many Russians are turning back to traditional Russian spirituality. New Age mystics are drawing on traditions of the old Russian Orthodox Church. NPR 's Michele Kelemen visits a Moscow tea house and a shop catering to spiritual and religious needs called "The Inward Path." (6:30)

Shamanism in Siberia

from Morning Edition, Wednesday, August 18, 1999

Michele Keleman reports on an old religious ritual in Siberia called shamanism. A Shaman, who is considered a spiritual leader, healer and prophet, performs a cleansing ceremony on a young woman in an attempt to bring her closer to her roots. (5:47)


from All Things Considered, Thursday, August 3, 2000

Hypnosis is often thought to be a gimmick, not a real state of mind. But a new study uses P-E-T scans to test the theory that hypnosis actually has a biological basis. NPR's Michelle Trudeau reports. (4:00)

Jewish Meditation

from All Things Considered, Thursday, April 20, 2000

There is a growing meditation movement among Jews. Some base the practice on Buddhist meditation. Others interpret find roots in the mystical side of Judaism. NPR's Laura Sydell visited two Jewish meditation centers as they prepared for the meditative side of Passover. (7:30)

Sufi Music

from All Things Considered, Monday, February 1, 1999

Banning Eyre reviews a two CD set called Sufi Soul: Echoes of Paradise. The Sufis are Islamic mystics; and this compilation features their devotional music, both instrumental and vocal, and is packaged with an excellent booklet of information and color photographs. Echoes du Paradis: Sufi Soul was produced in
Germany by Network Media, catalog number 26-982. It is available in this country through Harmonium Mundi,
310-478-1311. (4:00)

Isaac Newton & Alchemy

from All Things Considered, Saturday, May 2, 1998

Daniel speaks with Michael White, author of Isaac Newton, The Last Sorcerer (Addison-Wesley, 1998), a biography of the great scientist which reveals some little known secrets about how he spent much of his time. White says that Newton was a deeply religious man and that he actually discovered several of his most
revolutionary scientific theories while practicing the mystical art of alchemy. (9:00)






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